Blogger Spotlight: Kimmers’ Erotic Book Banter

Happy MLK Day! 

I couldn’t think of a lovelier person to spotlight today. Kimberly aka Kimmers is a fantastic lady who has been extremely supportive of my career. She’s one of the first bloggers to embrace me writing M/M romance. Many authors who write in different subgenres can sometimes find it difficult to tap into a new audience when branching out. I’m proud to say Kimmers signed up for my Complexity blog tour without any hesitation, and she’s continued to support my writing endeavors since the tour. You should totally get to know this awesometastic lady who is all about spreading joy and equality in Romancelandia. We could certainly use more of it!

Take it away Kimmers… 

Everyone is asked this question. Librarians, bloggers, authors, no one is immune! We only get to see one side of an author, the polite side. I’m sure the same can be said for bloggers. If you had an evil doppelganger, what detail would they enjoy revealing about you to the public that people would find surprising and possibly questionable?

Nothing. I’m not really a very private person – to know me is to know everything, good and bad. Over sharer here! *waves hands in air*

What would you give up, if you could?

OMG, I really had to laugh at this one. I looked at the hubs and said, “Do I have any vices?” His response was, “None you don’t like.” *snort* So, I guess I’m going with my love of carbs. Good Lord, now that I’m perimenopausal they’re killing me!

What was the best book you read in 2017?

Funny, but my best book of 2017 came right on the heels of the year and absolutely blindsided me. Because it’s marketed as a holiday story I was expecting, well, I don’t know what I was expecting - but I got soooo much more! Sean Kerr’s Santa’s Sack is the most thought provoking narrative I have read in some time. I was literally sobbing reading segments out loud to my husband. Who had glistening eyes himself. What makes this book so powerful is that you can tell Sean put so much of himself into it. His passions and feelings, and that type of raw exposure always captivates me. The “holiday” part of it is so minuscule compared to the overall theme and message of this tale. Average every day men, real, relatable, with a love that is undeniable. The emotion just bleeds off the page. It’s a story of love, loss, grief, hope, and belief in something more! It’s definitely a story that will stay with me forever, making my list of top reads – and one I will highly recommend for the foreseeable future. You can read Kimmers’ Goodreads review here

Since the world is a crazy place these days and you can’t turn on the news without encountering something awful, how are you dealing with the madness? What’s your #1 form of self-care?

Honestly, family and reading. My husband and my girls are my lifeline while my book characters give me an escape. Also, I don’t watch TV (I’ve only watched about 20 hours in 2017) and in recent months I’ve had to pull back on social media as it was all just draining my spirit.

You’ve done one of the sweetest things I think I have ever seen a reader/blogger do for an author they adore, you carved out space in your home to showcase an individual author’s work. It’s clear a lot of love and care went into creating the space. Can you tell us a bit about what inspired your gesture of appreciation?  

Wow, I’m glad you like it Harper. Actually I’m a very sentimental person at heart and when something, or someone, touches me in a profound way I must express that. Reading Joseph Lance Tonlet’s work, especially Grif’s Toy, opened my eyes in more ways than one and changed my life, I believe for the better. I couldn’t think of a more fitting way to express that than a permanent display I can sit and look at from my desk each day that reminds me of the power of the written word. And Grif holds a place of honor as he was the catalyst to my creating KEBB.

You might not know but I also have a tattoo which shows my appreciation of 2 authors’ works.  

If you were one of Snow White’s seven dwarfs, which dwarf would you be and why?

I’m gonna be honest here, I had to look these up. The only ones I could remember were Grumpy, Doc and Dopey and those are definitely not me. At least I hope not. Although I wouldn’t mind having Doctor credentials. *winks* Since I only average about 4-5 hours a sleep a day it’s gotta be Sleepy.

What inspired you to create your blog? 

I kinda already hinted at it but reading Grif’s Toy by Joseph Lance Tonlet created a spark in me. I never in a million years thought I would talk to an author, let alone the author. After getting to know Joseph a bit, and dabbling into the taboo genre (which by the way I adore), I discovered that getting the word out there about that niche is very difficult. With his, and Louis Stevens’encouragement of my work I decided I wanted to create a space where those types of books could be highlighted and reach readers. I had no idea how that one little step would snowball into something so much bigger than I could ever imagine. I am very proud of what KEBB has become and I’m honored to have a fabulous team of individuals who walk the journey with me every day.

What’s the sexiest quote you’ve ever read in a romance novel?

“The real beauty behind submission is defined by how a man submits with no chains present, no physical restraint, just a pure will to allow someone else to control the moment, here and on full and stunning display.” From Jack L. Pyke’s Breakdown

What are some trends you’d like to see happen in the romance genre within the next five years?

My answer is going to be in relation to LGBTQ romance as that is where my passion lies and the community I am more intimate with as far as the genre goes.

I’d like to see authors tackle relationships after the “happily ever after” or the “happy for now.” We get so much of how a relationship began and what got them there but very rarely do we get the “what now.” Whenever I have young friends ask how my husband and I make it work I tell them, “Marriage is hard work and you are never the same person twice. You have to learn to change with each other.” I’d like to see our protagonists tackling real world issues. Give me guts, get down and dirty. Maybe one has lost their job devastating them financially…show me how they overcome this together? Does one find themselves with a wandering eye now that the original hot lust is gone, overtaken by menial everyday tasks…how are they getting their spark back? Do they find their political views warring…take me on their journey to find common ground? To me these types of stories show our younger generation that relationships are not all rainbows and unicorns and it instills in them that lasting partnerships are worth fighting for.  

Two part question: If you had the power to have any romance novel turned into a Passionflix movie, what book would you choose and why? Who would you cast as the lead characters?

Oh, oh, oh…no question, Jack L. Pyke’s Don’t… series. OMG, that would make the most amazing collection of movies. Complex characters, psychological drama and suspense with dark twists that make your heart race and your gut clench. Plus the beautiful dynamic between the 3 men – what’s not to like? Obviously you meant dark romance, right? LOL! As for who I would cast as the characters I’m never good at this because when I read I simply see them as who they are in my mind’s eye, their stature, physique, voices – everything. It’s like comparing my children to someone, they are absolutely unique. The one I can see though is Jack. I can totally see Ryan Reynolds playing him. I think he could get Jack’s smart-ass charm and tumultuous emotions down pat!

**Bonus Question**

Ever tried BDSM? If not, would you?

Oh yes! Let’s just say my husband enjoys the perks of my reading. We’re kinda new at it, and some might call our baby steps a little unconventional, but the way we approach it works for us…and that’s what matters. Right!? *grins*


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