Seriously? Hoteps Be Gone

Things you should know before you begin reading this post:

  • It’s long as fuck.
  • A couple of necessary terms will come up in the discussion: Hotep and misogynoir.
  • What is a Hotep? Men who claim to be in touch with mother Africa and all things black but really represent hate in the form of misogynistic and homophobic views. In many many many cases black women are often the targets of this “woke” set of men’s ire.
  • What is Misogynoir? Racialized sexism black women face. It is a term coined by queer black feminist Dr. Moya Bailey Ph.D., in which race and gender play into bias.
  • This post is a response to hate and idiocy. Some foolishness was spread about me using my promotional materials and here’s what I have to say about it.
  • A few months ago I checked my “Other” folder on Facebook and found some ridiculous ranting message calling me ‘disgusting’ and telling me I should be ashamed. The sender said I was a sellout, and a whole heap of other shit I didn’t care to read. I promptly deleted the nonsense, blocked the fool, and went on about my business.
  • Back in December, an article was brought to my attention by an author friend. After reading it, I laughed while simultaneously rolling my eyes at the ignorance on my screen. Upon some discussion with my editor, it was decided that it was okay for me to respond. You see, my first inclination was to bring out a can of virtual whoop ass, but I must remain professional. curtsey 

    Had the blogger approached me in a cordial manner and asked why I choose to pen Interracial Erotica/Erotic Romance, I would have been more than happy to field his questioning, but from his posting (and the vitriolic Facebook message), it’s clear that there is an agenda. An agenda that does not include intelligent, logical, and thought provoking dialogue. Since I was attacked instead of invited to have a conversation, and I’m a writer who’s more than willing to ride the wave of opportunity when it presents itself, I’ll use my own platform to clear up misconceptions and respond adequately to ‘he who shall not be named.’ 

    He opened the floor for discussion. Shall we dance?

    If you’re a voracious reader who happens to peruse categories on Amazon before your One-Click finger is activated, chances are you have noticed Interracial stories are divided into two different categories. 

    “Interracial Erotica” often houses the fetishy stuff. You know, stories with no real plot and involve BBC (that’s big black cock for the uninitiated) and cuckold fantasies, in addition to slave master/mistress plantation fantasies. Either the mandingo is front and center or the slave girl, or some equally appalling pairing. Those are a big ole nuh uh for me. The authors who write these tales have every right to pen what their heart desires, but my consumer logic tends to bypass these types of stories. I’m as kinky as they come, but these tales are not what tickles my reader or writer love button.

    And trust me, I read some out there stuff if you follow me on Goodreads.

    Then you have “Interracial Romance.” These are stories that involve people of color finding love. This category is not limited to a person of color finding love only with someone white, but that particular pairing seems to heavily saturate interracial romance. “Interracial Romance” often is attached to the “Multicultural Romance” tag. Authors who write in the genre mix and match keywords in order to reach their target audience, and multiracial and interracial usually accompany each other when it comes to keywords. Not always, but this is true a good portion of the time.

    My stories fit in the middle. I call myself an Erotica/Erotic Romance author. I usually categorize my stories as “Interracial Erotica” because they cover sex that’s not exactly vanilla. My protagonists have varying sexual interests, as well as varying sexualities. “Erotica” is the category that tends to encompass everything under the sexual umbrella; however, I also believe my work fits into “Interracial Romance” as my heroes and heroines always get their happily ever after/happy for now endings. Oh, and did I mention I write stories with plots? No porn on the page here. Well, I lie. They’re classy-ish pornos (with plots).

    “Urban Fiction” tends to encompass stories that usually feature black characters who deal with hardships in their lives. Could be drugs, could be prison, could be gang violence, could be baby mama/baby daddy drama, backstabbing girlfriends/boyfriends, family drama, and the ins and outs regarding the hustle of urban living. Stories of survival and getting by. They may feature characters who are self-professed thugs. Think gritty turned up to 100. There’s a huge market for ”Urban Fiction.” It sells well, and the demand is there. I don’t read the genre, but I don’t knock people who read it or write it. There’s an audience for everything. Just as there are some people who choose not to read interracial stories because they prefer their protagonists to be of the same race. 

    There’s your quick introduction to Amazon categories in all its confusing and boring glory.

    I was a reader of  Interracial Romance for two years prior to publishing. I wrote a short story on a whim as part of a writing challenge, but the characters kept talking to me long after I was done. The story that played out in my head was something I hadn’t seen in the interracial/multicultural genre; a BDSM relationship involving an interracial couple where the relationship wasn’t heavily focused on sex and fetishization, but a mutual respect for each other instead and the ins and outs of maintaining a relationship that includes D/s. I could go on a whole other tangent about misconceptions involving black people and BDSM, but that’s another post for another day.

    It’s clear the blogger never read The Sweetest Taboo, if he had the majority of his ranting would be null and void. I don’t even know where to begin to dissect his post. It hurts my head just scanning the paragraphs upon paragraphs of garbage, but the reason I wanted to write this post was to talk about intraracial hate which coincides with misogynoir. There is a sect of black men who hate black women. Yes, I said it. It’s there it’s out in the open. This exceeds misogyny. They have grandmothers, mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, daughters, goddaughters, stepdaughters, nieces in their lives who are black, but that doesn’t stop the disdain. They hate these women because they’re black. Self-hate is some serious shit. These men blame their failures in life on black women. Not individual black women who may have had a hand in their demise, but black women as a whole. We are responsible for each and every fuck up in our community. Did you get that? Each. And. Every. One. Didn’t get the job you wanted because someone else was more qualified? It’s the black woman’s fault. Motherfucking Hoteps, man.

    What makes this so incredibly sad is if a black woman is doing well for herself, instead of being a champion for her, Hoteps will do everything under the sun to curse her name. According to them, a woman should know her place. A black woman should undoubtedly know her place. Misogynoir.

    God forbid she chooses to date outside her race and happens to find love. Oh, the comments on Twitter when Serena Williams’ engagement news made the rounds. Hotep heads exploded. A successful black woman finds love with an equally successful non-black man? UNACCEPTABLE. SHE’S SELLOUT FOR NOT WAITING ON A BLACK MAN. Nevermind the black men Serena dated in the past and had relationships with but didn’t work out. No matter. It was her duty to make it work. She was supposed to accept what was being offered regardless.

    Taking Serena out of the equation, say your everyday black woman’s dating prospects have been men who are non-black. These are the only men who approach her, these are the only men who tend to ask to take her out, these are the only men who are respectful. Hoteps would prefer she remains single until the end of her days ONLY because a black man hasn’t approached her. No other man matters. Are you getting this?

    Die single while waiting on the non-existent perfect black man. However, if the shoe were on the other foot and the only prospects who approached said man were women who were non-black, Hoteps jump on the opportunity like a buzzard on a carcass in the desert. ‘Do as I say, not as I do’ tends to be their philosophy. The blogger falls into this category. His sense of history is distorted. Black women can only be “sidepieces” or “sex slaves.” We’re all bed wenches! But a black man who dates a non-black woman? He’s a king. He’s smart. He’s someone who upgraded. 

    See the abundance of issues here?

    Below is a quote taken from the blog post that appears a few paragraphs underneath my promo for The Sweetest Taboo:

    “The books that you see above are a reflection of the modern-day black woman and her disjointed mindset. As can clearly be seen, the black woman’s first choice is a white male, however failing this she will settle for a thug type Negro. Good black men are completely excluded from being selectable, that is until Tyrone leaves her with a number of children en tow or she passes her expiry because of her irresponsible choices of the past deciding to spend her prime years chasing after and  having sex with no good men.”

    I was going to be much more classy about my response to all the verbal diarrhea in the post, but all I can muster is “Shut the fuck up.” 

    Guess me being professional went out the window.

    And really who still used the term “Negro” in 2016? The Census has been updated. We’re no longer called “colored” or “Negro,” I’m assuming the memo missed this guy. We use “black” now, dude, but if  that’s too risqué, “African American.”

    I can’t speak for the authors mentioned alongside me. I can only speak for myself and the genre I write and why I choose to write what I do.

    Simple answer: Because I want to. If you have a problem with it, oh well. The earth will continue to revolve, I will continue to breathe, the sky will remain blue. Life will go on. My heart will go on. Shout-out to Celine Dion

    All women, including black women, deserve love and if love comes in the form of a non-black man, a woman, or a non-binary person, that’s that individual black woman’s decision. Funny how that works, people doing what works best for them. Super crazy concept!

    I’ve been asked why I write interracial stories with black heroines, and Hoteps is only one of the reasons why. Black women are considered undesirable even by some of our men. We’re too bossy, too dark, too light, too attitudinal, too demanding, too high maintenance, too (insert other BS stereotype here).

    We’re never passionate, we’re never intelligent, we’re never hardworking, we’re never admirable, we’re never beautiful.

    Finding love with someone who doesn’t fit the mold of the perfect black man means we’re traitors, we’re brainwashed, we’re all hypnotized by white dick or the ThugLife. RIP 2Pac 


    Does that not sound like the most absurd gobbledygook?

    Hoteps step off your soapboxes. #aintnobodygottimeforthat

    Methinks dude doth protest too much. Don’t push your inferiority complex onto us. Didn’t you know, black girls and women are magic?

    The World Post Trump

    Normalizing abnormal political discourse on Twitter is now a thing. What the fuck? How did we get here?

    Future Headlines:

    “President Trump said that he would not talk to or meet with the German Chancellor unless she promises not to bring up the fact that 3 million more people voted for Hillary Clinton than him.”

    “Earlier, White House Chief Strategist, Senior Advisor, Neo-Nazi dickbag, Steve Bannon advised President Trump that if he didn’t make a move to build the wall, the natives would get antsy. Channel 43 News has reached out the White House to confirm Bannon’s words, but the White House Press Secretary was detained at an Alt-Right function downtown and could not be reached for comment.”


    Our lives have become Onion headlines. 

    Politics, Misogyny, Homophobia, and Facebook Etiquette

    As I write this blog post we are 26 days away from the 2016 Presidential Election. The NY Times just printed an “I wish a motherfucker would” response to Donald Trump’s lawyers insisting the paper print a retraction to its latest story on the candidate. Per the Donald’s team, the NY Times interviewing and reporting on women who say Trump touched them inappropriately is “libelous.” I have a love/hate relationship with the NYTimes, but their clapback was amazing. This election has turned into one of the most disastrous in modern history. We have a candidate who admits to tax evasion during a live TV debate and uses his celebrity status to do whatever he wants to women. “Grab em by the pussy!” For clarification purposes, if consent isn’t present, that sort of contact is considered sexual assault. Using your star power (or the way a woman dressed or danced or level of sobriety…) to justify improper behavior implies you were not seeking consent. That’s rape culture at play, folks. 

    Those words are going to haunt Trump for the remainder of his life. 

    He’s also racist as hell. Mexicans are rapists? He’s xenophobic. Ban all Muslims.

    YET HE WAS THE #1 CONTENDER FOR THE GOP NOMINATION. I still can’t wrap my brain around any of it. Note to the GOP: You guys seriously need to reevaluate your goals if Donald Trump is what you consider to be the cream of the crop within your ilk. That’s disturbing. Especially with so many within the party now wanting to disavow Trump after his recently released remarks about women said over a hot mic during an interview with Billy Bush. It only took about 50,000 times of him saying something disgusting before people finally took notice. Amazing.

    Hillary Clinton is no peach, either. I have a boatload of issues with both her and her husband, but with an election on the line, I’m SO with her. If I could go through a revolving door and vote for her ten times on November 8th, I would. I’m a black woman living in America. Between the two candidates, who likely has my best interests in mind? Hillary or Donald? Definitely not Donald. Who will best represent the majority of Americans? Definitely not Donald. Who will best represent us in international matters? Definitely not Donald.

    Granted, the superpredator comments HRC has made in the past and President Clinton’s 1994 Crime Bill didn’t endear me to either of them. She didn’t directly call black youth superpredators, but the allusion was there. Clinton’s crime bill contributed heavily to the mass incarceration of African Americans. If you’re interested, check out 13th on Netflix. It explores the U.S. school-to-prison pipeline in greater detail. 

    A few months ago, I wouldn’t have cared much how people voted. Even if one candidate sucked, I at least felt like the country wouldn’t implode. With Trump at the helm, implosion is imminent. The acceptance of his hate speech has blown my mind. I’ve had to purge the hell out of my Facebook account. I’m usually for people speaking their minds and supporting whatever causes they choose, but to see memes on my timeline that openly promote misogyny and racism … I had to take a step back and reassess. Why would I subject myself to such hateful rhetoric? My frame of mind is: don’t stay where you’re not welcome, and never beg for a seat at the table. If people want you, they will let it be known. If they support you, they will let it be known. I guess my patience has just worn thin, and the last couple of months has enlightened me to a lot of ways people think. Facebook is good for that. 

    Spotting intolerance has become so much easier. Especially when authors make posts public, which brings me to homophobia and Facebook etiquette. A few weeks back Covergirl appointed their very first male ambassador, James Charles.  Fabulous doesn’t even begin to describe this kid. James is doing pretty damn well for a seventeen-year old. He’s amazingly talented. So where does this story go wrong? 

    An author publicly posted the following commentary: “America is being transformed through acceptance of this kind of garbage” with a link to a Yahoo article featuring James. So many WTF moments here.

  • If you are going to express your opinion, do not make a post public if you do not want responses that go against your beliefs.
  • If you use your author platform to call a seventeen-year-old kid garbage, do not be surprised when people come for you.
  • If you think being a conservative Christian gives you the right to express bigotry, do not be surprised when people come for you. Jesus loved everyone, remember?
  • If you specifically target someone with no other intention than to alienate while not expecting backlash is insane. 
  • Readers vary when it comes to race, sexuality, gender, religion, ableness, etc. You may think you know your reader demographic, but anyone can purchase a book. Who you meet at conventions, or who friends/follows you on various social media platforms doesn’t always match those who may have purchased your book. 
  • At the end of the day folks, use social media responsibly. Too many authors ruin their careers because they allow their intolerance to take hold and embolden them behind the “safety” of the Internet. Learn to view the world from a scope that isn’t your own. It may open your heart. I hope it at least definitely prevents you from sticking your foot in your mouth. 

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