Shit I’m Digging This Week: Volume Six

Hey Folks!

Happy Monday! This past weekend was super productive for me. I’ve been working on a book I hope to release fairly soon. *crosses fingers* 

It’s due to my editor before I leave for Nationals on the 18th. I also have a couple of other things I need to get accomplished this week, so that means I’ll need to hunker down and drink lots of coffee. I detect a lot of late nights in my future, which is a pain considering I wake up long before the sun rises. 😬 Wish me luck!

In between writing, I’ve been keeping myself occupied with pop culture goodness. Allow me to share the shit I’ve been digging this week:


I’ve mentioned this in previous posts, but NETFLIX REALLY GETS ME! I don’t know what magic goes into creating their algorithm, but they know what I like. I try not to indulge in shows that are less than a 90% match. I know, I know I may be missing out on a gem that doesn’t have a high rating, but with limited TV time, I want to be sure whatever I’m watching is going grip me from beginning to end. Marcella did the trick with a 96% match. It’s dark, creepy, disturbing AF BUT IT’S SO GOOD. 

I plowed through two seasons this weekend while writing. Granted, the seasons are only eight episodes each, but there’s a hell of a lot of story packed in. I had a bit of an issue with season two, but overall I LOVED THIS SHOW. If crime and suspense is your jam and you can deal with being gut punched, I highly recommend it. Check out the season one trailer below.

The Forest 

I’m not a fan of subtitles, but for some reason, I end up watching a lot of things in French on Netflix. I think I just really love the language. The Forest was a Netflix rec based on my interest in Marcella (another 96% match). Surprise, surprise it’s another dark show involving murder and mayhem, LOL. Look, I like crime and suspense okay? 👀  #dontjudgeme

Psychological thrillers and murder mysteries are a big part of my reading tastes, so it makes sense that it carries over into my TV watching. I don’t want to give away the plot, but it’s also a short season. Only six episodes. You can watch the trailer here: 

Everything Is Love

After years of collaborations, Jay Z and Beyoncé finally made an album together! The Carters have given us Everything Is Love. A few weeks ago the video for the first single “Apeshit” dropped, and I can’t stop watching it! I’m also in love with the Louvre. I have to admit it took a few listens for me to get into the song, but now it’s part of my workout rotation. I live for the 5:30 mark. BEYONCÉ IS GOING H-A-M IN A DESIGNER GOWN!!!!


Never read the book, never saw the first version of the movie, but last week I tuned in when “It” premiered on HBO. Holy crap! I have to admit I was intrigued since Cary Fukunaga co-wrote the script. If you don’t know who he is, you should totally Google him. #hotdirectorbae 

Fukunaga bowed out after creative differences with the movie studio behind It, but I still wanted to see what the hype was about. Verdict? I dug it and now that I’ve seen the cast for It: 2 I’m all in! Haven’t seen it yet? Give it a go via HBO On Demand. 

John Coltrane’s Both Directions at Once: The Lost Album 

Both Directions at Once is an unreleased album from 1963 featuring the classic quartet. Coltrane on tenor and soprano saxophone, McCoy Tyner on piano, Jimmy Garrison on bass, and Elvin Jones bringing it on home on the drums. I’ve had this album on repeat since the tail end of June. I am a Coltrane stan, and this album made me feel like Christmas came early. You can listen to one of the songs here on SoundCloud.

And that’s all folks! See you in two weeks for the next installment of Shit I’m Digging.

Author Spotlight: Megan Frampton

 Happy Monday Folks!

Today the temperature reached a whopping 96 degrees in NYC. It’s partly the reason why I’m late getting this post up. SOOOOO HOOOOOTTTT. 🔥🔥🔥 I’ve also been trying to fix the date for this post, but it’s automatically set for July 3rd. I guess it’s a sign I should’ve waited until tomorrow. Ha. 

Anyway, I meant to get the post up yesterday, but I was recovering from a wicked hangover. LOL, I AM A MESS. A fun mess though. Many thanks to those of you who shared my post for the Sarah MacLean Giveaway last week! I selected a winner a little while ago! 

This week’s featured author is Megan and I bonded last year at RWA Nationals on the dancefloor. She was bustin’ a move alongside me as “It’s Raining Men” blared from the sound system at the RITAs afterparty. Of course, a friendship was forged. How can you not bond over a glorious song? She’s also from Brooklyn, so there’s the “New Yawk” connection. Learn a little about this fantastic lady!

Take it away Megan…

I always find author interviews kind of boring. We only get to see one side of an author, the polite side. If you had an evil doppelganger, what detail would they enjoy revealing about you to the public that people would find surprising and possibly questionable?

I am super-judgey. I see things flow by on social media, and I always have an opinion about it. I usually do not share said opinion, because I find when I do that my opinion is (of course) skewed by my subjectivity, and there’s usually another side to something. But if someone says something, chances are way better than good that I have judged it within seconds of reading it.

Also, I loathe cold shoulder tops, it makes me crazy when people leave travel books out for others to take (because if it’s Visiting Prague 2009 it’s not going to be very helpful now, is it Gary?), and I get frustrated when chefs say to swap in whatever you feel like. Look, you’re the chef, I’m just following directions. Don’t tell me to make my own directions, that’s why you’re here.

Was there any insight you had that, looking back, put your writing career on a different trajectory?

I honestly don’t think so. I wish more people had bought my women’s fiction title (Vanity Fare, w/a Megan Caldwell), so that I could have kept writing in that genre. But that’s just bad timing, I guess, and not anything under my control. I do wish I could keep to a consistent writing schedule, but that’s just what every author* thinks.

*Except Nora.

What do you do to recharge your batteries?

Movies, books, and being alone.

Would you rather live life with no inhibitions or live life with no stress?

NO STRESS. Oh my god, I so wish I were less anxious. Not gonna happen in this lifetime.

When you were a kid, what did you think your current age would be like?

Settled, and it is totally not.

Finish this sentence: Life’s best lessons are ___________.

Written by friends.

If you had the opportunity to co-write with any author (dead or alive) who would you choose?

I would pick someone who could plot. I’m trying to think who that would be–my favorite authors are super-voicey, so we’d just step on each other’s toes if we tried to co-write. I can’t plot worth a damn, so I’d like someone to tell me what to write–kind of a writing Dom, as it were. I’m not sure who that would be, though.

What are your top three favorite Romance novels?

ACK! Can anyone answer this and not immediately think of dozens more that would work?

The Notorious Rake by Mary Balogh

Sheltered by Charlotte Stein

Think of England by KJ Charles

What are some of your favorite social media accounts to follow?

My favorite social media accounts either teach me things about history (@medievalpoc, @drapedinhistory,@kateStrasdin), politics (@Celeste_pewter, @RacismDog, @TheRickWilson, @waltshaub ‏@cameron_kasky ) or are just fun (@darth, @Fangirl_Musing ‏@EvansBeard ‏@MidCenturyMenu ‏@dog_feelings ‏@dog_rates @SICKOFWOLVES )‏

*Harper sneaking in here. FYI, these are all Twitter accounts.

If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?

This sounds awful, but I’d probably clean more. It drives me crazy that there is so much clutter and dust in my house, yet I seldom have enough time, with a day job and after-work writing.

**Bonus Question**

Ever tried BDSM? If not, would you?  

LOL, Megan opted out of this one, peeps. 😂


Megan Frampton writes historical romance under her own name and romantic women’s fiction as Megan Caldwell. She likes the color black, gin, dark-haired British men, and huge earrings, not in that order. She lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her husband and kid. You can find her at, at, and @meganf.


Activate your one-click finger and pre-order Megan’s forthcoming book The Lady Is Daring out on 9/25! 

It’s Giveaway Time!

Happy Monday Party People!

It’s a beautiful day in NYC, which means it’s a perfect day to make a Historical Romance fan happy! 😁

Last week, you may have spotted this picture of Sarah taken by moi on social media. 

I snapped the photo after a panel event at the Strand Bookstore. If you’ve attended book events, then you know publishers and publicists prefer to go home empty-handed. No one wants to carry extra stuff home. Since the poster board sat against a pillar feeling sad and neglected, I asked Sarah if she’d sign it. She happily obliged and I told her I’d give it away on the blog, so here we are! I suspect the poster board is super happy it didn’t end up in the trash, or in a dusty closet never to be seen again, LOL. 

Want to win it? 

All you have to do is tell me the name of your all-time favorite Romance comfort read in the comments below! I’ll randomly select a winner next Monday. Now, all that’s left for me to do is to find something big enough to fit this thing in so I can ship it!

**If you are chosen as the winner, you will be asked to provide your full name and mailing address. You will have 24 hrs from the time I reach out to you follow up with your information. If you do not respond within 24 hours, I will select another winner. 

***Please only enter if you genuinely want to win this lovely poster board. I want it to find a home!

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